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Zero Trust Security

How Cisco Enables Zero Trust Security

Learn how Cisco can be a trusted partner in your zero trust transformation to help your organization stay resilient against today’s threat landscape.

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Transform your business with intuitive, secure access

The value of zero trust security

Business boundaries have blurred, with organizations now operating as ecosystems. When there are no borders, everyone is an insider, which dramatically increases risks across every aspect of business. By collaborating with Cisco on zero trust, our customers have decreased the risks and costs of a data breach by nearly half, achieved a 191% ROI by enabling hybrid work and optimizing the security team's performance, and increased SOC efficiency by 90%.

Functional requirements for zero trust

First, accurately establish trust. Strongly verify user and device trust before granting access. Second, consistently enforce trust-based access, based on the principle of least privilege. Third, because change is inevitable, continuously verify trust, and instantly adjust access based on risk. And fourth, dynamically respond to change in trust, and then investigate and orchestrate incident response.

Secure access to the edge and beyond

Our solutions are focused on a secure and seamless user experience to deliver strong security and high productivity. We meet you where you are to deliver zero trust with visibility and control embedded at every layer, from campus to data center to cloud to edge. We've also embarked on zero trust for ourselves. Cisco's rollout of zero trust has unlocked about $4M in annual savings from increased productivity and IT helpdesk support costs. We are also able to prevent 86K system compromises each month by enabling users with self-remediation of out-of-compliance devices.

Secure app access first, but don't end there

More than 57% of teams we surveyed embarked on zero trust by securing user and device access to apps from anywhere. This is considered least disruptive, most critical to managing risk, and aligned to the business. Securing user and device access to apps—anywhere they are located—can also drastically improve the user experience while increasing visibility into user and device behavior and contextual risk.

Zero Trust

Zero trust security across the edge and beyond

Secure Access by Duo

Continuously verify user and device trust to protect app access from everywhere with MFA, passwordless, and more.

Secure Endpoint

Detect, alert, track, analyze, and remediate advanced threats on your endpoints with scalable XDR.

Kenna Security

Increase resilience by remediating vulnerabilities faster with data-driven risk prioritization.

Cyber Vision

Gain visibility into your industrial control system (ICS) with dynamic asset inventory and real-time monitoring.

Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Leverage intel from across your stack to enforce policy, manage endpoints, and deliver trusted access.

Cisco Umbrella

Gain visibility and control into web traffic to secure access to SaaS apps with cloud-based security.

Secure Firewall

Gain efficiencies with automated policy enforcement for network, microsegmentation, and AppSec integrations.

Secure Network Analytics

Analyze existing network data to detect threats that bypass existing controls before they do damage.

Secure Workload

Automate and implement a zero trust model for microsegmentation based on app behavior and telemetry.

Secure Cloud Analytics

Monitor workloads across all major clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

From strategy to implementation, we have you covered

Zero trust workshops

Discover free, online workshops for expert guidance on zero trust strategy and hands-on access to labs and exercises.

Cisco Security reference architecture

Get an overview of the Cisco Secure portfolio, deployed use cases, and their purpose within an integrated architecture.

Zero trust architecture guide

The guide was defined using the Cisco SAFE methodology to help you simplify your security strategy and deployment.

Zero trust frameworks architecture guide

See how Cisco's zero trust framework maps to industry frameworks like NIST and CISA.